2019/2020 8-Ball Pool League Standings


Nearly 1/3 of the players have not paid their $20 sanction fee yet.  You have just over 2 weeks to get them paid.  If they are not paid by Dec. 1st, they go up to $25 each.  No exceptions.

Link to pay league dues and sanction fees via Paypal PayPal Bell Music

Standings thru 11/08/19

Standings thru 11/15/19

1 Monday Akron Area
2 Tuesday Ashland/Mansfield
3 Tuesday Akron Area
4 Tuesday Stark/Canton Elite
5 Wednesday Akron Area North
6 Wednesday Akron Area South
7 Wednesday Mixed
8 Wednesday Tusky
9 Thursday Akron Area
10 Thursday Stark/Canton Gold
11 Thursday Stark/Canton Silver American
12 Thursday Stark/Canton Silver National
13 Thursday Stark/Canton Bronze American
14 Thursday Stark/Canton Bronze National