2018 BELL MUSIC SUMMER POOL LEAGUE RULES (to be used in addition to VNEA Rules.)



All matches start at 7:30pm, (real-time, not bar-time) There is a 15-minute grace period.  At 7:45pm at least 3 players present and ready to start the match or a forfeit can be called.  If a player arrives late during the match and his/her game has been by-passed, he/she may shoot only the following rounds where his/her position has not been by-passed. 



The SPONSOR FEE is $25 per team.

The WEEKLY FEES are $6 per player or $30 per 5-man team, $24 per 4-man team.  CASH ONLY!!  No checks.

The home team is responsible for the money and scoresheet.  One copy of the scoresheet is to be sealed with the money in the envelope provided by Bell Music and put in the envelope slot in the dart machine.  Any team playing in bars without dart machines are to give the envelope to the person behind the bar to be put in the register.


Every team is given 2 extra scoresheets and money envelopes in their captains packet.  If you use those, you must ask for more BEFORE the day of the match.  We will not drive an extra scoresheet or envelope out to you the night of your match.


The home team captain is responsible for making sure the stats from the match are called, emailed, faxed or texted to Bell Music by the deadline:

Monday league – no later than noon on Wednesday.

Wednesday league – no later than noon on Friday.

(It does not have to be the home team captain that turns in the scores but the home team captain is responsible for making sure it gets done.)

Call:  330-253-9171

Fax:  330-376-6337

Email: ktaylor@bellmusicco.com

Text a picture of the scoresheet: 330-714-7550

Drop off: 533 W. Market St., Akron, OH 44303


Penalties for not turning in scores by deadline:

1st Offense: Written Warning on weekly standings

2nd Offense: 1 Win deducted from team’s total wins

3rd or More Offenses: 2 Wins deducted from team’s total wins



Players do not need to be sanctioned for the summer leagues.



1)       Teams may not fall more than one week ($30) behind in their weekly fees. If this happens, teams may become ineligible to continue playing in the league.  Teams not current on their weekly fees may be ineligible for the playoffs.


2)       Any team not finishing the session will forfeit all prize money. 


3)       Team captains are responsible for making sure scoresheet and money envelopes are properly filled out with League ID#, Team name and ID#, Date, and Players full names.  Line-ups will be placed on the scoresheet by the home team captain first.  Monday 5-man league teams must line-up their players in order from lowest to highest average.


4)       Postponed matches must be played by the 7th week of the season.  No matches after the 7th week may be postponed.


5)       Teams are to try to keep their rosters limited to 8 players.  Players may be added to a team’s roster through the 7th week of the session.  After the 7th week, only players that have already played in the league may play.  If a team is short a player and no legal sub is available, on the scoresheet the missing player receives 0 points and the player on the opposing team receives 7 balls.  There is NO HANDICAP for those two players.  (The player who is present does receive their average for their ball count when the scores are entered into the computer so their handicap does not go higher or lower without actually shooting the game(s).) 


6)       If a player gets sick (Not inebriated) or there is an emergency and a player has to leave, a sub may play their match/remaining games.  Anytime you change players, you use the higher handicap of the two players. 


7)       The first TWO weeks of the season, all players will play straight-up (No Handicap).  The THIRD week through the end of the session, all new players must play in the first or second spot in the line-up.  They will compute their averages immediately after shooting the 3 games (add the points from the 3 games and divide by 3) and add handicap to the teams on the scoresheet.  If there are 3 or more unranked players (players without an established average in that league) playing on a team on any given night, that match is to be played straight up. 


8)       The maximum balls a player may be spotted is 3, regardless of the difference between the 2 players’ averages.


9)       The HOME team is to designate which one patch is the ONLY patch that will be used during the entire match.  If a player patches a pocket with any other patch besides the one designated by the home team, the first time the opposing captain is to give the player a warning.  The 2nd time it is an automatic loss of game.


10)    An 8-on-the-Break is an automatic 10-0 win, regardless of whether other balls dropped.


11)    Each team may have VNEA and OCMA ranked Master, Intermediate and AA players on their roster.  The following is the maximum of each allowed to play in any given match:  1 Mens Pro OR 1 Mens Intermediate or Master and 1 Mens AA OR up to 3 Mens AA’s or 3 Ladies Masters.  (There is no limit to the number of Ladies AA players a team may play in a match.)  If a team goes over these guidelines, the match will be a forfeit.  Mens Pro’s, Master’s and Intermediate’s averages will never fall below a 9 regardless of what their “calculated average” is.  Mens AA’s averages will never fall below an 8 regardless of what their “calculated average” is.


12)    Round Robin:  If the 1st Place team cannot be “caught”, they will sit out of the Round Robin.  The remaining teams (2nd thru last place) will play with the even teams (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.) being the home teams.  Tie-breakers:  In the case of a tie, total ball count is used to determine Round Robin Schedule.  In the case of a tie after the Round Robin for 1st or 2nd place, there is a one round playoff.  This round is played with the same averages used for the Round Robin match.


13)    In order to be eligible to play in the Round Robin match, you must have played on the team a minimum of 3 weeks.


14)    There is no coaching allowed.


15)    ERO (Eight-Ball Run Out) Definition: The only time a player may achieve an ERO is in his FIRST APPROACH, with ALL 15 BALLS ON THE TABLE.  If the breaker runs out and wins the game from the break, it’s an ERO.  IF THE BREAKER DOES NOT MAKE ANY BALLS, his opponent will then have a shot at an ERO.  He must pocket his 7 object balls and the 8-ball without a miss.


16)    If you commit a foul, admit it and go on with the game.  Players are to be watching their opponents while they are shooting.  Be patient with newer teams.  Team captains are responsible for settling all disputes fairly and promptly.  Anyone arguing or taunting during a match will be reported by the team captain.  First offense – warning.  Second offense – suspension for all players involved in the dispute.


17)    www.BellMusicCo.com - View standings, schedules, etc. online.   Join us on Facebook:  BellMusic DartandPool Leagues


18)    Any team and/or player who has an urgent question or problem during league play must call Bell Music immediately. (330) 253-9171.  A message must be left in the pool department mailbox (Option 3) so we can return your call.  You must call as soon as there is a problem; you cannot call the next day and ask for a rematch, forfeit, protest, etc.