AKRON AREA SUPPLEMENTAL RULES – To be used in addition to VNEA Rules.



All matches start at 7:00pm real-time, not bar-time. There is a 15 minute grace period.  A player has until the end of the 1st round to show up and play all their games.  If a player shows up in the 2nd round, as long as their game has not been passed, they can play that game but not make up the first round.  



The WEEKLY FEES are $7 per player so $28 is due from each team each week. Full team weekly dues must be submitted and is due within 48 hrs of the start time of your match.  Partial payments will be treated as late payments.  Teams must pay league dues for BYE weeks and any match that is a forfeit.  Payment of league dues will be made electronically via PayPal or emailed invoice. - See link on our website for complete details and instructions.  Each team is only responsible for handling their team’s fees.  You do not have to handle the other team’s money.  



The Electronic Scoring feature in CompuSport is used to keep score. Scores should be entered by you as you play your match.

Detailed instructions on how to keep score using CompuSport are on our website.  I have it set up so every player on the team can be a scorekeeper, not just the team captains, but only 1 person should enter the scores of both players for each game.



VNEA rules are followed but players are not required to be sanctioned for the summer leagues.



1)        Any team not finishing the session will forfeit all prize money.  All players on a team that quits are ineligible to play on any other team the remainder of the season.


2)        No new players may play the last 3 weeks of the season.  In order to play on a team the last 3 weeks of the season, you must have already played on that team at least 1 time already this season.  Subs may play on any team until they have played on the same team 3 times. They are then locked into that team.


3)        All established players’ averages will carry over from the last season they played. New men start as an 8; new ladies start as a 6. Each player will use their starting average the first 3 times they play.  After a player has played 3 times they will use their calculated average. The maximum spot per round is 12 balls.  There is no maximum spot between 2 players.  Teams may line up their players in any order they wish.  The Electronic Scoring feature of CompuSport will automatically enter on the scoresheet the correct average for each player so long as that player is listed on your roster.  Therefore, you must let me know in advance of any player that will be playing on your team that is not already listed on your roster. 


4)        You will be racking your own break.  If you make the 8-on-the-Break, you have the option to spot it and continue play, or re-break.  If you make the 8-on-the-Break and scratch, the incoming player has the option of spotting the 8 and starting their play or re-rack and break themselves.  Your opponent has the right to inspect the rack before you break.  Make sure to mark the 8-on-the-Break in CompuSport when a player makes one so they receive credit for it, even though it’s not an automatic win.


5)        Each team may have players that are ranked Masters and AA as long as the following maximums for a given match are not exceeded! 1 Mens Master …OR…up to 2 Mens AA’s. If a team goes over these guidelines, the match will be a forfeit.  Mens Master players average will never fall below a 10. AA players will never fall below a 9.


6)        If a player needs to leave early (work, sick, emergency) the opposing captain will let that player play out.  If this occurs, try to play a game in between each of their games, if possible.  You can not put another player in that spot.  Only players that start the match may finish the match.


7)        The most current news and information for the leagues will be posted on our website:  The standings, rulebooks, information on the State tournament, etc will all be updated there.  I will also use CompuSport to post updates and you can view your standings, schedules, etc. there as well.


8)        Any team and/or player who has an urgent question or problem during league play can call Bell Music at (330) 253-9171.  A message must be left in the pool department mailbox (Option 3) so I can return your call.  Please only call if you've looked in your rulebook and can't find the answer or you've tried to resolve the issue amongst yourselves and can't find a solution.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Kathy Taylor

Bell Music Company

(330) 253-9171