2022/2023 Dart League Schedules and Scoresheets - Winter, 2023


Service issues with the boards...call Bell Music at (330) 253-9171 and press 1 for the service dept.

I am available from 8:30am-5pm M-F to answer any questions you may have.
Please limit calls and texts outside of these hours to URGENT issues, only.
The answers to most of your questions can be found by looking on our website.

Saturday & Sunday league start time is 5:00pm.  Weekday league start time is 7:00pm.


Cost for league (per player per week):

Sunday Vegas Doubles - $15.00

Monday Vegas Team - Hndcp, 30pt, 25pt & 20pt - $13.50

Monday Vegas Team - 15pt & 10pt - $13.00

Doubles - $12.50

Triples - $11.25

4-Man Team - $11.00



Teams playing in HANDICAPPED leagues:  You MUST let me know in advance

if you will be using a sub not listed on your team so I can add them and their averages.

If you don't have them added, you risk losing wins for games they play in.

Please let me know of any subs you need added as far in advance as you can.



Please make sure you read the instructions on how to set up the board.


* The board will ask if your opponent is with you at the location.  If you are playing in a Travel league or if you are playing another team from the same bar in the same league on the same board, you want to select "Yes, Play Local League".  Otherwise, choose "No, Play Remote League".

* The board will never ask you to pay any money for the other team unless you have set the board up wrong.

If it asks you to enter your opponents money, BACK OUT AND START OVER.  You have set it up wrong.

* The 60 second shot clock is turned on as well as the timer between games.  Make sure you are ready to shoot when it's your turn and you don't wander off between games.